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WAG                                             Business for Acting
AEC Studios                                 Master scene Study
Front Range Acting Studio           Acting On Camera

Special skills

Green screen, wireworks, teleprompter, fire arms training, dancing, yoga, running, crossfit, hiking, biking, skiing, sports, athletic, mother.

Film credits

Audrey educates America on how to get involved
in the green scene. 

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  • Preacher‚Äč                                 Recurring                      AMC
  • Killer Women                          Guest Star                     ABC studios- Marc Roskin
  • Rocky Mountain Retribution   Co Star                          ABC studios
  • The Locals                              Guest Star                     AEC studios
  • What If                                    Co Star                          Spike TV
  • Arizona                                  Supporting                      Arizona, LLC
  • Our Souls at Night                 Supporting                      Netflix
  • The Condemned 2                 Supporting                      Lionsgate & WWE
  • The Lake                                Supporting                     Chestnut Tree Films
  • Camouflage                            Supporting                     Project Studios 505
  • After the Fall                           Supporting                     Saar Klein
  • Boundaries                              Lead                              Cox Entertainment
  • Diablo Canyon                        Lead                               Elgin Cahill
  • Last Call                                  Lead                               Runaway Train Prod.
  • The Low Road Baby               Supporting Lead             Mark Roeder
  • One for the Road                    Supporting Lead             New Rebellion Ent.
  • Sane in 1974                          Supporting Lead             Action Press Prod.

TV credits

After school Classes & Camps

-Talk to the Cameraempowers kids, giving them opportunities to create original videos. Providing life long tools like teamwork, social skills & confidence.

On Camera coach

Audrey Walters- Co-Creator of Kids Program, Talk to the Camera

Creator of Talk to the Camera. Audrey coaches kids on camera to increase self confidence and social communication skills.

Audrey Walters- Persuasive Actress with a bubbly twist! ¬© 

Hosting jobs, CBS studios segment host, Foreclosure Hotline host, Affordable interest mortgage host, Cafe Well Host, Film Festival of Colorado Host.


Other facts

Mrs. Colorado USA, 1st runner up 2010, Appearance as herself on HGTV's Bang for Your Buck, Martino TV, The Morning Show.